Blueberry Cheese Tart

DSC 0006 1024x682 Blueberry Cheese Tart dessert Before mid autumn festival, I just learned how to bake Blueberry Cheese Tart from one of my mom’s friend who happen to open a local bakery store.  She gave me an insight of how to bake blueberry cheese tart and all the extra tips about this recipe.  Few weeks ago, it is all about mooncake.  Finally, last weekend I baked some of these cheese tart for my family trip.  My family and I like it very much.. I still have some left over cheese filling and I am going to bake another batch with different flavor this time.  My son, Ryan love chocolate very much.  Most likely I’ll be baking chocolate cheese tart for him.  Will update everyone again…  Should give it a try…

For cheese filling
500g cream cheese
100g castor sugar
125g butter
1/2 Grade A egg

For the tart crust
375g flour
75g icing sugar
188g margerine
1/2 Grade A egg

To assemble and glaze
1 can Blueberry jam
Piping Jelly


Mix the cream cheese, sugar, butter and half an egg into a mixing bowl and beat with an electrical hand mixer.  Beat until the sugar melted and the texture become smooth and creamy.  Leave it aside.

Pour in the icing sugar, margerine and half an egg into another mixing bowl and mix well.  Now you can add in the flour by batches and start to knead the dough until it become a playable dough.  Take some dough in your hand and start to press it into the tart mould.  When all the tart is ready, place it in the preheated oven of 150 ‘C bake for approximately 20 minutes or until it turn golden color.

Take the crust out from the oven and put some blueberry paste into the crust.  Once it is done, pour the cheese mixture into a piping bag and start to pipe a small portion of cheese mixture on top of the blueberry paste.  To decorate the tart, use another piping bag for the blueberry paste and start to pipe for some pattern that you prefer.

Place the tart into the oven again and bake for another 15 to 20 minutes or until the cheese mixture becomes flat on the surface.  Bring the tarts out from the oven to let it cool completely.  Glaze the egg tarts, using piping jelly to make it look more attractive.  Served.

Note:  Don’t make the crust too thin because it will be soft and won’t be able to hold the cheese. And if you make it too thick, you feel like eating the crust and not the blueberry cheese.

When you are making this recipe, most likely you’ll have extra cheese mixture, don’t throw it away.  You can refrigerate it for more or less one week and you can make another batch of tart later on.  If you don’t feel like making another batch, you can use it as a bread spread.

According to my mom’s friend, the most important thing about making cheese tart is the temperature.  Certain oven temperature slightly hotter than the others.  If you feel that your oven heat up easily, then please lower your temperature while baking this tart.  According to her, if the temperature is too hot, the cheese will crack and it won’t look pretty.DSC 0005 300x200 Blueberry Cheese Tart dessert