Happy Mid Autumn..

 Happy Mid Autumn.. Happy Mooncake Festival!

I hope everyone is having enjoying now with family, relatives and friends.  This year my sister and I decided to make something out of the norm yet acceptable to the mass taste bud.  Our aim is to use the least flavouring and colouring as possible.

We came out with few recipes of mooncake jelly using Hello Kitty as our theme.  Here is our end product pictures:-

 Happy Mid Autumn.. We have all four different colours for different flavours. All these jellies seems quite easy to make but actual fact take a lot of effort in trial and error.  We came across a few recipes and the taste of the mooncake is actually pudding texture.  We don’t quite fond of the pudding texture but we prefer more towards jelly texture.  So we try to make it to a jelly texture and we are happy so far.

However, I would like to say sorry I can’t share my white Hello Kitty recipe as my sister would like to keep it as “secret recipe” even though I don’t mind to share.  We are partner and we have wasted many, many jellies before we come to a successful recipe.  Hence, I have to respect her decision and hope you’ll understand.  Thank You..

The rest I will upload it soon… P1030666 Happy Mid Autumn..